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Public Service Announcement - Problems with the Spaces App and a suggestion

I know some members have had problems with the Spaces App, ranging from not receiving notifications of new diary posts to new posts not loading on the App.


I spent a couple of hours on the phone at the Wix helpline yesterday to no avail. However, a couple of members have reported that the App is now working.


At the end of this post is a list of “troubleshooting tips” from Wix for iPhone and Android phones. It’s probably worth checking.



My suggestion:


It is worth having a backup for when the App is misbehaving.


If you sign in at and go to the investment diary, at the top is a link to an email list. Whenever I post a new entry, members on that list receive an alert with a link to the entry. It will open the diary on your mobile device’s web browser. Honestly, the formatting is just as good as on the App.


Note: If it says, “Want to Read more – Subscribe”, make sure you are logged in at the top right of the page.


I don’t use the App – I just keep a JICUK tab open on my mobile browser (Safari) all the time. Hence, I do not have to continually login.


Last of all, many apologies for the inconvenience caused.



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