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I follow your chronicle and really like a lot of the stuff you’re doing and your results have been superb. I also like your very clear explanations of your rationale behind decisions. You’re doing a really good job at de-mystifying investment speak!

David F

"Happy New Year to you – I am sending this email to let you know that I enjoy your chronicle"



"Merry Christmas, John. Thanks very much for sharing your portfolio, I have learnt a lot from it. Please continue your good work"



"Great website and well informed comments, keep up the excellent work"

Peter P


"I have stumbled on your great site while researching my new holding Baillie Gifford Japan Trust"

Constantin R


"I have been following you through your site for some time and I’d like to say thanks for the wealth of well thought out information that you present"

Dan P

"I find your approach refreshing and informative and reassuring that somebody is capable of doing well in this industry. I look forward to your future blogs and appreciate the effort you put into creating this material and distributing it"

John S


"Firstly, I find your website invaluable and a real no nonsense way to invest and keep track of trades. It’s helping me a lot with my endeavours. Keep up the good work"

Nick G


"I find your website very interesting and informative, you explain your investment choices in easy to understand language and most importantly you keep it very much up to date with immediate email notifications about new company reviews, investment transactions etc."

Tina K

"I follow your posts with interest. Thanks for posting a great site"

Alex D


"I am an avid reader of your Investment Chronicle. As a relative new comer to trading and investment I really appreciate both the success of your investment strategies and the clarity, rigour and transparency you share within your blogs."

Glen W


"I recently discovered your website from a BB on ADVFN ad I think it is really good. Keep up the great site, it is refreshing to find someone being so honest about what is and is not working well and less so."

Guy V

"Congratulations on such a great website. I first learned about it from a trader’s forum and now check it 3 – 4 times a week."

Richard D


"I stumbled across you at the beginning of this year and enjoy your well written articles."

Geoff C

"Thanks for your blog. It makes interesting reading!"

Sam A


"I have this morning discovered your site, very interesting reading. I must go back and look more thoroughly at your investment strategy."

Paul M


"Many thanks for your investment chronicle, wish I’d found it earlier."



"Just a short note to say I really enjoy reading your blog and updates!"

Steve G

"Great blog, John – well done; I enjoy it and its premise."

Paul B

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