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Catch up with John Hughman (recorded yesterday) and a brief comment on Serica Energy.

Yesterday, in addition to listening to the Serica Energy results presentation, I chatted with John Hughman, formerly editor of the Investor's Chronicle and now at Vox Markets.

You can watch HERE

As for Serica Energy, I thought the new management team came across very well - a class act. I think they will go down well with institutional investors. The share price raced away yesterday morning before sellers appeared. I'm not surprised to see it start to move back up again today - +4.6% as I write.

I think this team will take the business to the next level, and I expect there will be more corporate activity this year, most likely outside the UK North Sea. Mitch Flegg did a great job at Serica, but I think his skills were probably weighted more towards operational excellence rather than corporate development. That might be unfair, but that is my reading of the situation.



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