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Funds' Portfolio - Confirmation of recent trades

Confirmation of my allotment of shares in the BH Macro Limited placing.

My £1,000 order bought me an extra 231 shares at 431.5p costiong a total of £996.77.

My position in BH Macro is now at my target of 7.5%.

My order for £850 worth of VT Argonaut Absolute Return Fundbought an extra 382.0424 shares at 222.4884p.

My position in Argonaut Absolute Return Fund is at 6.6% v target 6.5%. (2.5% in VT Argonaut Absolute Return and 4.1% in FP Argonaut Absolute Return)

The Website has been updated for these changes but the Portfolio looked like this at last night's close;


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