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Weekend Roundup

The moon from Wandsworth #weekendroundup

Returns of selected markets over the last week and since 1st January. This week is sorted by the last week. Sorted by the last year can be found at the end of this post.

Profit-taking in commodities saw them give up some of the last month’s gains. I see the FT report that top commodities trader Pierre Andurand is betting that copper will quadruple in price over the next few years. Having reduced my very high commodity exposure earlier this year, do I have enough? FTSE AIM and Small Cap did okay, but the FTSE 100 gave up ground with other overseas markets. The US buck the trend, with NASDAQ ending the week at a record high. Nvidia posted phenomenal Q1 y-o-y growth and surged 15% to become the third largest US company with a market cap of over two trillion dollars.


Oh, and in the UK, a General Election is set for 4th July. Inflation fell to 2.3%, but a rate cut is unlikely until August. Inflation should fall again in July, with help from another cut in the energy price cap.



JIC Portfolio

The JIC Portfolio was up 0.3% last week, compared to -1.0% for the FTSE All Share. This year JIC is up 9.2% - the FTSE All-Share is up 9.1% this year – gap closed - now for more!


For the five years to 17 May, JIC is up 57.6%. Over the same period, the FTSE All-Share TR Index was up 36.0%.


The AIM All-Share is up 6.8% this year, the FTSE 250 is up 6.9%, and the FTSE Small Cap (Ex Investment Co) is up 8.3%.


JIC Funds' Portfolio

The Funds’ Portfolio was down 1.2% last week compared to -0.7% for the FTSE All-World (GBP, TR) Index. YTD, the Funds’ Portfolio is up 7.4% v +9.8 % for the FTSE All-World.  


More than 5 per cent movers last week.


Positives: Hargreaves Lansdown +21.3% and Polar Capital Holdings +6.7%.


Negatives: BlackRock World Mining -5.9% and NextEnergy Solar Fund -6.7% (but it did go ex-dividend 2.8%.


New Highs last week

Three-month high from Paypoint, Glencore, IG Group, IG Design, BlackRock World Mining, Harbour Energy, Gamma Communications, Hargreaves Lansdown, L&G Gold Mining ETF, Polar Capital Holdings, Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund, Temple Bar Investments and The European Smaller Companies Trust.


All-time high from Wilmington, Bloomsbury Publishing, Renew Holdings, JP Morgan American Trust, Strategic Equity Capital, and Polar Capital Technology.


New Lows

Three months low: Jet2


Last week’s trades, news, and ex-dividends


No trades in either portfolio.


Hargreaves Lansdown received an offer of 985p per share from a private equity consortium backed by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.  I’m waiting for 1200p plus!


Great results from Bloomsbury, but the share price fell because the current year won’t be as good, but next year most probably will be. It’s all down to the timing of Sarah J. Mass’s next novel. They say the stock market is a mechanism for the patient to take money from the impatient!


The Niox trading update was encouraging. I look forward to interim results. Gamma Communications and 4imprint’s AGM updates were solid.


On Thursday, Niox went ex-dividend 1.0p and NextEnergy Solar Fund 2.09p.


On Monday Hvivo paid its dividend of 0.2p, on Wednesday, Harbour Energy 10.44p, on Thursday, Me Group, 4.42p and on Friday Greggs, 86p and Nippon Active Value, 1.6p.


Upcoming Events and ex-dividends

Me Group trading update on Friday?


On Thursday, BlackRock World Mining goes ex-dividend 5.5p, Gamma Communications 11.4p, JP Morgan Global Growth & Income 4.61p, and Temple Bar 2.5p.


On Friday, JP Morgan American Trust pays its dividend of 5.3p.


22.2% of the JIC Portfolio comprises six commodity holdings – down from 22.9% last weekend.



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