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Weekend Roundup - A positive week for the portfolios

Returns of selected markets; over one week and since 1st January. This week sorted by the last week. Sorted by year-to-date can be found at the end of this post.

The UK again resilient. The FTSE 100 up 1.7% whilst other major equity markets gave up some of their recent gains. The NASDAQ was down 3.9% and the S&P 500, -1.3%. The US$ strengthened especially against the Euro where the ECB is showing no signs of changing policy in the face of surging inflation. Gold up 0.9%, Bitcoin down 8.7%.

The JIC Portfolio gained 1.4% last week. The FTSE All-Share was up 1.5%. Year to date, JIC is up 1.6% v +2.3% for the All-Share and -2.5% for the All-World.

The JIC Funds’ Portfolio was up 1.0% compared to a drop of 0.7% for the All-World Index. Year-to date, the Funds’ Portfolio is down 1.9% v -2.5% for the Index.

Last week’s big movers: Positives: Supreme +5.4% and Anglo Pacific +5.3%.

Negatives: Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon -5.2%, Somero Enterprises -6.3% (but ex-dividend about 6.5%), Lloyds Bank -5.9% (also ex-dividend) and SDI Group -5.1%.

New three-month or all-time highs last week: Good old Serica Energy again, Anglo Pacific again, Lundin Energy, Bioventix, Worldwide Healthcare Trust, Blackrock Energy & Resources Income and Global X Copper Miners.

New Positive Rectangle Breakouts: None.

New three-month lows last week: None

New Negative Rectangle breakouts: None

Trades: Trimmed Lundin Energy in the JIC Portfolio and sold Blackrock Greater Europe from the Funds’ Portfolio.

News: None.

Ex-dividends: On Thursday, Bioventix went ex 52p per share, Lloyds Banking Group 1.33p and Somero Enterprises 22.02 USCents and 19.7 USCents.

Next week’s news: None scheduled and no ex-dividends

Cash: Now at 5.2% in the JIC Portfolio and 8.9% in the Funds’ Portfolio.

My six commodity holdings in the JIC Portfolio make up 43.7% of the JIC Portfolio at last night’s close. Same as last week despite trimming Lundin Energy.

Have a good weekend.



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