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Weekend Roundup - Summertime Blues

Returns of selected markets over the last week and since 1st January. This week is sorted by the week. Sorted by the last year can be found at the end of this post.

(Note: ShareScope has not updated as of last night for some of the indices above, most notably the US indices, including FTSE All-World)

Grisly markets this week. Government bond yields are rising almost everywhere (see chart below from Bloomberg). A realisation that even if interest rates are near peaking, they are likely to stay high for longer? Equity markets are concerned about the looming recession and are not helped by a limp Chinese economy. Or is it just a case of thin August markets?

The quotation above was from James Henderson (an old colleague from my Henderson days) in the FT weekend edition of 5th August. The gist of the piece was that bear markets lead to amazing value being offered to investors who conquer their fears and do not become overly cautious. “This caution is why many investors are now missing out on the opportunities that now populate the UK market.”

JIC Portfolio

The JIC Portfolio is down 9.9 per cent in 2023 v +0.0 per cent for the FTSE All-Share (TR) Index.

For the five years to 18 August, it is up 43.6 per cent. Over the same period, the FTSE All-Share TR Index was up 11.4 per cent.

The AIM All-Share is down 10.0 per cent this year, the FTSE 250 is down 1.9 per cent, and FTSE Small Cap is down 0.7 per cent.

JIC Funds' Portfolio

The Funds’ Portfolio is down 6.5 per cent this year v +4.6 per cent for the FTSE All-World (GBP, TR) Index.

It is up 19.8 per cent since its inception in July 2020. Over the same period, the FTSE All-World GBP TR Index is up 30.8 per cent.

Big Movers over the last week

Positives: None

Negatives: Next Energy Solar -7.2% but 2.0% was ex-dividend. Serica Energy -6.8%, RS Group -6.8, Glencore -6.4% and Sylvania Platinum -6.2%.

New Three-Month/All-Time Highs last week

Renew Holdings and Howden Joinery.

New Three-Month Lows

BlackRock World Mining, Ecora Resources, Hargreaves Lansdown, Next Energy Solar, RS Group, BlackRock Energy & Resources Income, Fidelity Asian values, Nippon Active Value, Smithson and BH Macro.

Last week’s trades, news, and ex-dividends

Quarterly update from Next Energy Solar

I added to Hargreaves Lansdown

Next Energy Solar went ex-dividend 2.08p and Niox 2.5p.

Upcoming Events and ex-dividends

No scheduled news for my holdings next week.

On Thursday, Temple Bar goes ex-dividend 2.3p per share.

Cash Holdings

1.0 per cent in the JIC Portfolio and 0.5 per cent in the Funds' Portfolio.

32.8 per cent of the JIC Portfolio comprises six commodity holdings –no change from last week.

Enjoy the weekend.

JIC Portfolio:



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